Electric Kettles Under 1500 – An electric kettle is one of the important appliances and a time saver in the modern kitchen. It has changed the traditional way of boiling water. In India where the day of maximum people starts with a hot cup of tea or coffee, how can a modern kitchen be complete without an electric kettle? Let’s explore the best deal to buy Electric Kettles Under 1500.

Finding the best electric kettle at an affordable price through our website is time consuming. We will resolve this issue to provide a detailed analysis of the features and specifications of the best electric kettles for your modern kitchen. With the help of this analysis, you will make the right decision to buy electric kettles online at affordable prices in India. Have a glance at the features of the electric kettles to choose your favourite one.

Let’s dive deeper into this blog to get a detailed description of how to buy electric kettles under 1500.

Affordable Electric Kettles For Boiling Water Under ₹1500

Selecting the best option to buy electric kettles online at affordable prices in India can be difficult for anyone. The experience of using different electric kettles has helped us conclude the top 5 electric kettles that can be the best for you to meet all your purposes.

1. Butterfly Matchless multi kettle 1.2 litre

If you want to buy electric kettles online at low prices in India, you must have a look at this high-quality Butterfly matchless multipurpose electric kettle.

Product Features

  • The stainless-steel body protects from rusting.
  • The silver colour with an elegant look.
  • 1.2 litres of capacity serves 3 to 4 people.
  • 360-degree swivel base with power indicator.
  • Easy to use and clean it is super usable.
  • Transparent glass lid for a see-through experience.
  • 600 watts of power capability.

Variable Temperature control system

The butterfly matchless multi kettle is one of the best electric kettles with a temperature control system. You can set your desired cooking level with the temperature control functions. The auto switch-off system prevents your food from burning.

Ergonomically Designed Touch Handle

The handle has a strong and easy grip. If you want to access the button of the transparent lid, you can easily grip the handle for its convenient design.

360 – Degree Swivel Power Base

You will be amazed to get the swivel power base system in your electric kettle at this price.

The best thing about this swivel power base is that you can set the jug handle anywhere. Plug it in whichever direction you want and relax. Also, the detachable and portable butterfly kettle allows you to use it at your convenience.

Transparent Lid

If you want to get a seamless see-through experience of your noodles, or rice, have a look at this butterfly electric kettle. It has a transparent lid with glass material with quick heating ability and the power to see through your food. You don’t need to open your lid to check your food.


  • The compact size of the electric kettle makes it portable. You can carry it during your outings and travelling.
  • You can prepare soup, rice, noodles and tea or coffee.


  • The material of the handle is plastic.

2. Prestige 1.7 litres electric kettle Under ₹1500 (PKGSS 1.7)

Do you want to buy best electric kettles & multi cookers online? Your search ends here.

Boiling your noodles and making tea or coffee now is easy with the Prestige electric kettle. Why? Because this electric kettle is easy to use and cook noodles, make soup, or pour tea or coffee within a few minutes. Shop online for electric kettles at up to 70% off to get the best deal today!

Product Features

  • Power capacity of 1500 watts.
  • Concealed heating component.
  • We have an automated cut-off system.
  • Stainless steel body to protect your product.
  • 360-degree swivel power base system.

Lid Locking Touch Handle

The Prestige kettle has a one-touch lid-locking handle to ease your usability and enhance your safety.

Elegant Glass Lid

What if you can see through your food without touching the lid? This electric kettle has this feature with a transparent and stylish heat-resistant glass lid. It enables you to see through your food while preparing. So, cook safely with one of the best electric jugs & travel kettles.

Power Saving

You must want a modern kitchen appliance that saves power and energy. The automated cut-off system built in this Prestige electric kettle can save power. The power system cuts off when water is boiled.

360 – Degree Swivel Base

Use the kettle in the way you want. The swivel base has a detachable system that allows you to put your kettle on the jug handle keeping it in any direction.


  • It has a wide mouth to clean properly.
  • The concealed heating element helps in cleaning.
  • Single-touch lid locking allows the users safety and convenience.


  • It makes noise while boiling water.

3. Kent Vogue 1500w 1.5 litre electric kettle (stainless steel), Silver


If you want to Buy Electric kettle under 1500, why don’t you have a look at the Kent Vogue 1500w 1.5 litre electric kettle?

Kickstart your day with the high-capacity stainless steel electric kettle. With the Kent Vogue 1500w 1.5 litre electric kettle, you can prepare your favourite coffee or tea within a few minutes.

Product Features

  • 304 stainless steel body.
  • Concealed heating elements.
  • 1.2 litres of serving capacity.
  • Auto cut system.

360 – Degree Rotation

The 360-degree cordless rotation gives the kettle super usability. You can easily detach the heating plate when boiling is completed. It makes the serving process more convenient and easier.

304 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

The kettle has a concealed heating plate. It helps in even heat distribution. SS body makes it rusting resistant enhancing its durability.

Auto Cut System

The Kent Vogue electric kettle has an automatic cut-off system to protect the kettle from overheating. Once your boiling is done, the system shuts the machine down. The resistance against overheating makes it a must-buy electric kettle.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The kettle helps in making instant noodles or tea.


  • The cord length is short. You have to place the kettle a little closer to the switchboard.

4. Havells Caro 1.5-litre double wall electric kettle Under ₹1500


Gone are those days when we had to wait for boiling out good. Now with the Havells Caro 1.5 litre double wall electric kettle, forget waiting for food to be cooked or boiled. Want to buy electric kettles under ₹1500 online at affordable prices in India? Let’s have a quick look at the features of Havells Caro’s 1.5-litre double-wall electric kettle.

Key Features

  • 1250 watts power capacity
  • 1.5 litres holding capacity
  • Auto shut-off features
  • Boil dry and heat protection
  • Energy saving
  • 304 stainless steel body

Havells Electric Kettles Under 1500

The entire kettle is 304 stainless steel. The filter and spout are stainless steel body and no plastic materials. A narrow mouth creates problems in cleaning the kettle. The kettle has a wider mouth giving you an ease to fill, pour and clean.

Now you don’t need to be bothered about burning your food. Havells Caro 1.5 litre double wall electric kettle comes up with the auto cut system that shuts off power when water, tea, coffee or noodles are boiled.

The capacity of 1.5 litres allows you to serve 4 to 5 people at a time.

It is a temperature-controlled electric kettle with the feature of protecting the kettle from overheating. Also, it has dry boil protection features.


  • The biggest advantage of this product is its double wall tank for a cool touch outer body.


  • The outer body of the kettle sometimes gets warm while boiling water.
  • The cord length is short.

5. Milton Euroline Go electro 1.2 stainless steel electric kettle

In your busy schedule, going to the kitchen to have tea or coffee or cooking instant noodles is time-consuming. With the Milton Euroline Go electric kettle, you don’t need to expose yourself to burning. Check out this Milton Euroline Go electro 1.2 stainless steel electric kettle to buy electric jug/kettles online at best prices in India. You will get everything you want in an electric kettle at a low price.


  • 1.2-liter capacity
  • Stainless steel material
  • 1500 watts power
  • Automatic shut off
  • Energy saving
  • Convenient spout
  • 360-degree rotation base
  • Heat resistant sturdy handle


The 304 stainless steel body of the Milton Euroline Go electric kettle makes the kettle durable and safe.

Detachable Cord

The Milton Go electric kettle has a 360-degree detachable connector power base.

Wide Mouth

The wider mouth of the kettle lets you clean the kettle conveniently. Before cleaning, unplug the cord, and cool down the kettle properly.

Easy To Use Electric Kettles Under 1500

Milton Go kettle is a handy appliance that makes your work easy. The convenient spout helps you in easy pouring. The easy-to-use feature lets you prepare your tea or coffee anytime.

Ergonomic Design

The Go electric kettle is ergonomically designed. Keep your kettle wherever you want to make your tea or coffee quickly. The auto-cut system and power indicator with an on/off button make your electric kettle convenient and super handy.


  • It can be used to make instant food within a few minutes.
  • The kettle is super easy to clean.
  • It is super handy; and can be used anytime and anywhere.


  • The kettle overheats. So you need to be cautious.


An electric kettle redefines convenience in your kitchen. The safety features, efficiency, and usability of the kettles make them a staple kitchen appliance for you. Though many options are available online, these 5 best electric kettles can help you choose a decent one for under ₹1500.

Upgrade your kitchen with the best and most handy electric kettle to ease your work. Browse online and grab the most exciting deals on the electric kettle in India today to buy electric jugs/kettles online at best prices in India and get your favourite multipurpose kettle.


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